Ride Leader Guide and Release

It is easy to be a ride leader with the club.  The attached Ride Leader Guide provides all the details on how to lead a BBC Ride.

Note, all posted Club Rides are open to anyone — members and non members.  Members benefit from additional insurance coverage if there is an incident on the ride in some cases.

What is is BBC Ride?  Official Club rides are posted on our Calendar which can be found on our Club Web Page under the Events Calendar Tab.  Also with our social media today, it is a good idea to post the ride on the Club’s Facebook page as well and on the Birmingham Ride Finder facebook page.  These sites get a lot of traffic.  

The important key item for a club ride, is to make sure that you mention at the start of the ride that non members are not covered by The BBC Liability Insurance Policy and they are riding at their own risk.  Members have signed the annual release when they sign up for membership.  Get non members to sign the signup sheet which is also a Release and Waiver of Liability.   The release form is attached here.

BBC Ride Release Form

BBC Ride Leader Guidelines