Route Options – 2024

Route Information:

Please visit our Club Ride with GPS page.   If you are a BBC Club Member you will have Premium Access to the Routes through the BBC RWGPS Club Membership.  

RWGPS Routes

*Routes will be marked appropriately; however you may also download the route into your bike computer. All mileages and elevations are approximate via  RidewithGPS. 

 City Stroll-10 miles (Start time 8:30) 

This leisurely ride takes you through the quaint downtown area of Columbiana starting from the Entertainment District where you can soak in the southern charm. After riding through downtown Columbiana, we promise you will want to come back and experience some of the shops and boutiques this town has to offer. 

 Shelby– 26 miles – (Start time 8:30) Orange Road Markings

This 26 mile route is a friendly route that takes you past the rustic Shelby Ironworks backdrop.  Perfect if you want to stop, stretch the legs, and take a picture. This route has plenty of flat farmlands, mixed with a few gentle rollers.  The right combination for a fun day on the bike! This route includes a full rest stop at the halfway point.

 The Nifty Fifty – 50 miles (Start time 7:30) Yellow Road Markings

This 50 mile route has a good amount of flat mixed in with gentle and mild rollers. You can expect to see a good bit of livestock, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.  There are plenty of horses, donkeys and even an EMU (EMU, EMU and Doug!). There are three full rest stops on this route, which includes Hudds in downtown Wilsonville!  

♣Columbiana Coaster  Metric Century Challenge 60miles – (Start time 7:30)  Green Road Markings

We call this the Coaster Challenge because, well, this route has it all. First, we start you on some ultra smooth tarmac to get your legs nice and warm before you move onto the gentle and mild rollers that seem like a roller coaster.  You’ll have so much fun, you’ll forget that you were on a bike!   This is a very manageable 2600 feet of elevation with no significant climbs and plenty of flatlands. On your final stretch coming into Columbiana, you will have a slow steady climb around mile 61.  Don’t worry, that was designed so you can finish with a nice, fun descent all the way into downtown Columbiana.  Make sure to check out the rest stops. Our Volunteers will be ready to keep you fueled up and cheering you on.  There are three full rest stops on the route and a pop-up to fill in along the way.

 Columbiana Dragon Century Challenge 100 miles – (Start time 7:30)  White Road Markings 

Come slay the Dragon on this 100 mile century challenge!  If you zoom out the route and squint really hard, you’ll see the route resembles a dragon!  The Dragon Century Challenge route takes you through 100 miles of Shelby County, home to some of the best, quiet roads in the metro Birmingham area.  This route is full of smooth tarmac, flat farmlands, countryside lake views, gentle/mild rollers and a few hilly challenges.  Speaking of hilly challenges, towards the end of the ride you will be ascending the challenging but manageable “Firetower” area.  You will feel the Dragon’s Flaming breath hitting you as you climb. We will have a water top off stop after “Liars Peak” for anyone that needs some quick hydration before heading back via JoinerTown.  The full route is approximately 4,700 vertical feet.  There are five full rest stops on this route with a sixth top off stop at Liars Peak (mile  86).  Don’t forget to check out our rest stops.  You might get to drink some Dragon’s blood! 

*There is a time limit for the Dragon Century Challenge. All riders will need to be at the HWY 69/HWY 47 intersection no later than 2:30 PM. Any riders after the time will be directed to continue south on 47 directly into Columbiana. 


There is a 9 hour time limit to be off the course. 

Riders must be back at Head Quarters no later that 5:00 pm. 

Riders arriving at our Hwy 47/69 Intersection after 2:30 pm will be directed to a shorter return route back to the finish line.