The Birmingham Bicycle Club has a long standing tradition of creating an environment that is open and welcome to cyclists of all skill levels and abilities. It does so by offering a variety of rides that club members and non-members can participate in throughout the city, throughout the year.

The BBC100 is one of the oldest organized rides in Alabama and the country.  The very first ride was organized in 1896.  In recent times the ride was organized in 1973 and this year marks the 50th Anniversary of the ride in the modern era of the ride.  The ride begins and ends about 30 miles northeast of Birmingham in Ashville, AL.  All routes, from 24-100 miles, provide beautiful scenic views of our Alabama countryside. The riders are supported during the ride with several rest stops on the routes as well as support vehicles to provide emergency bike repairs and assistance.  This event has drawn some 500 cyclists from all over Alabama and nearby states in past years.  Following the impact of Covid, we have drawn 250 riders.  With your support we are planning to return to the days when we had over 500 riders on the road.

The Birmingham Bicycle Club is a qualified 501c3 not-for-profit organization.  Our federal tax number is EIN 63-1145406.  We can provide a copy of our IRS documentation on request.