Helmet Donation Program

@Brother Bryan Rescue Mission, a nonprofit organization designed to help their clients return to their families, churches, and communities free from addiction, with stable employment and housing and with a healthy relationship toward God and others is looking for our support.  

Working in conjunction with @10x Physiotherapy they are putting together a beginner cycling program and are in need of undamaged helmets to support.  

They have reached out to the Birmingham Bicycle Club for support asking for undamaged helmet donations that will be used to support their health and wellness program.  

Please consider donating any undamaged helmets that you might have.  Whether it doesn’t fit, or it doesn’t match your new kit, @Brother Bryan Rescue Mission would love to have it! 

We plan to have a drop off on the 3rd Saturday ride in November, as well as at our Christmas gathering / Annual Membership meeting December 12th.

As cyclists we know how rewarding it can be to get out and clear your mind, relieve some stress and get some fresh air / exercise whether that is in a group or just riding solo.  Helping others share the joys of riding a bike is priceless.

Feel free to contact Kristen Zeanah on facebook @10xphysiotherapy, or at info@10xphysio.com with any questions.

Can’t find an old undamaged helmet. If you don’t have an undamaged helmet to donate but are still interested in helping the cause you can donate using this link Donation for New Helmets and we will take the money and purchase new helmets.