Route Options – 2019

Route Information:

We will be updating the routes but this will give you a glimpse of what to look forward to this year. 

Please visit our Club Ride with GPS page.

(All mileages are approximate but pretty darn close.)

♣ Slow Roll – 14 miles – Red Road Markings

This lovely route is along pretty roads with one small hill. Be sure you don’t miss the elephant!

♣ Slow Roll Plus – 25 miles – Orange Road Markings

This is a scenic and friendly route. It will take you through farmlands and out to Neely Henry Lake. Tie in with friends on the 14-mile route. Yes, and pass an elephant!  One full rest stop

Great bonus for the 45-127 mile routes… our Famous Bacon & Tomato Sandwiches.

♣ Anniversary Route – 45 miles – Yellow Road Markings

Honoring the 45 years this century has been held this is a pretty and manageable distance to tackle on a bicycle. Only 1500 ft of climbing and takes you to Riddles Bend and over to Steele back to Ashville. Follows the same route as the metric until Ashville. – Three full rest stops.

♣ Metric Century – 64 miles – Green Road Markings

You can claim you’ve ridden a 100! Our pretty metric has a northern loop that takes you to Riddles Bend and then over to Steele and the southern loop takes you to St. Clair Springs, through the Shoal Creek Valley and back to Ashville. The pretty hills will have you climb about 2,300 ft. – Four full rest stops

♣ Full Century – 102 miles – White Road Markings

Our full century is similar to the metric but splits off to follow a scenic ride through Riddles Bend along the Coosa River up to Rainbow City. After the Steele rest stop it breaks off to ride the base of Chandler Mountain and head out to Camp Sumatanga.  Elevation for this route is just under 4,300 ft. – Six full rest stops.

♣ Mountain Goat Challenge – Double Metric  Century – 127 miles – Pink Road Markings

The Mountain Goat Challenge is our double metric century.  It follows the same route as our century with a twist at mile 70. You’ll enjoy a scenic ride through Riddles Bend along the Coosa River up to Rainbow City, in to Steele, around the base of Chandler Mountain, out to Camp Sumatanga, back to Steele, and in to Ashville. This is where your challenge begins, from here you’ll proceed to Pinedale Road and pick up the pink markings that will direct you to scenic Crawfords Cove.  At mile 80, the base of Walkers Gap, you’ll begin a climb with multiple switchbacks and some steep gradients. The reward… a spectacular view from Straight Mountain. Stop for a moment, take in the view, enjoy the rest stop, snap some photos, and then enjoy a fast descent back to Ashville. Make it to Ashville and pick up the white century markings from Ashville and finish the last 27 miles knowing you’re a Mountain Goat! Those that arrive past 3:00 will be directed back to the school via the 45 mile route and have you back to the school to complete the BBC 100.


There is a 10 hour time limit to be off the course. Riders must be back at the school no later that 6:00 pm. 

For riders arriving at our Ashville Rest Stop after 3:00,  they will be directed to a shorter return route back to the finish line.