BBC 100 Merchandise 2022

Just like the last few years the 2022 BBC 100 Jersey will coordinate with previous  style shorts/bibs.  Mix-n-Match! 

You can buy these during the Registration Process and or independently from our Merchandise Shop

If you would like your Jersey before our Century Ride Day of September 24, 2022 then you will need to place your order by July 21, 2022.  This will provide the lead time necessary for our supplier to produce our order.   Our supplier requires a minimum of 20 items ordered before they will produce the order.   Approx delivery time is 8 weeks from the time we place the order.  

Both Men’s and Women’s Jerseys are available.  Please use the Primal Size Guide to choose your size.  

As of July 6th we are now offering both Mens and Womens Bib Short to match the new Jersey.  They look awesome.

Primal Size Guide 

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